Sunday, December 08, 2002

Higher Education-Sources

Rhoades, Gary. Managed Professionals:Unionized Faculty and Restructuring Academic Labor. State University of New York,Press.

Table Of Contents


1. Academics as an Organizationally Managed, Stratified Professional Work Force

2. Restructuring Professional Rewards: The Structure, Stratification, and Centrality of Faculty Salaries

3. Retrenchment and Reorganization: Managing Academic Work(ers) for Productivity

4. Reorganizing the Faculty Work Force for Flexibility: Part-Time Professional Labor

5. The Production Politics of Teaching and Technology: Deskilling, Enskilling, and Managerial Extension

6. Managerial Domain and Academic Employees: Outside Employment, Intellectual Property, and Faculty's Own Time

7. Unionized Faculty: Managing the Restructuring of Professionals and Production Work in Colleges and Universities

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