Sunday, December 01, 2002

Librarians and Unions-Items to Read [rev. chrono]

SUZANNE MILTON. "Librarians: Key Players in Faculty Unions."Alki 21 no3 5-7 D 2005.

Library Trends, Summer 2002.

* Service to the labor community: a public library perspective
by Ann C. Sparanese

* A fifty-five year partnership: ALA and the AFL-CIO - American Library Association, American Federation of Labor, Congress of Industrial Organizations
by Arthur S. Meyers

* The information needs of local union officials
by Margaret A. Chaplan

* The evolution of research and information services at the American Federation of Teachers
by F. Howard Nelson

* Librarians and working families: bridging the information divide
by Gaye Williams

* Preserving the historical record of American labor: union-library archival services partnerships, recent trends, and future prospects
by Thomas James Connors

* Simple exhibits, effective learning: presenting the United Farm Workers' experience on the World Wide Web
by Daniel Golodner

* Labor on campus: academic library service to labor groups
by Deborah Joseph Schmidle
Hampton (Skip) Auld ed.
“The Benefits and Deficiencies of Unions in Public
Libraries,” Public Libraries 41, no. 3 (May/June 2002):
Nine articles from various library managers and
union representatives.

“Can Unions Solve the Low-Pay Dilemma?” American
33(Jan. 2002): 65–69

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Library Worker.” Alki 17, no. 3 (Dec. 2001): 16–19
Washington Library Association journal.

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