Wednesday, March 08, 2006

California Faculty Association . Campus Action Days-March 6-10

California Faculty Association . Campus Action Days-March 6-10, 2006.

Come together statewide to urge our campus presidents to speak out to the chancellor about the real needs of the faculty, students and staff. We need ADEQUATE resources for the university & FAIR contracts for the faculty and staff!

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Isabel Espinal said...

Good luck! I hope they don't leave librarians out of this fight and of the results. At UMass last year, the faculty and librarian union pushed for increases in the numbers of faculty -- and got them! We got a plan from the administration for 250 new faculty in 5 years. However -- librarians were not included in the plan. And now we have to start from scratch in a fight to show that we also need to increase the numebers of librarians. But it's been VERY tough -- there is much more resistance to increasing the numbers of librarians and we also need ideas of how to make our case. I get the sense that some administrators don't see the value of librarians, maybe think we are outdated or maybe we're not doing a good job making our case. We even compared the record low number of librarians at our university (37) with our peer institutions (one of them had over 170 librarians, another had in the high nineties). But this was not convincing to the administration.

Our union, the Massachusetts Society of Professors (, is behind us but doesn't seem to know how to make the case for librarians as they did for professors.

I would appreciate any ideas!

Thanks in advance.

Isabel Espinal