Saturday, March 04, 2006

Salary and Staffing Studies. ALA ORS

Office for Research & Statistics
American Library Association

*Salary and Staffing Studies
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Office for Research and Statistics - Reports

Salary and Staffing Studies

ALA Survey of Librarian Salaries 2005. Summary Article in American Libraries
Librarian Salaries: Have they kept pace?

Library Staff Studies (Results of Supplementary Questions) in Annual ALA
Survey of Librarian Salaries Library Support Staff Job Titles (2004)
Employee Benefits (2003)
Spending on Staff Development (2001)
Age of Librarians (1999)
Library Directors: Gender & Salary (1999)
Collective Bargaining Agreement and Pay Systems (1997)
Survey of Internet Access Management in Public Libraries (Prepared for ALA by the Library Research Center,GSLIS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 2000)
Recruitment and Retirement Report
Retirement & Recruitment (2004): A Deeper Look (PDF)
Library Retirements - What Can We Expect (PDF)
State Libraries Reporting Salary Data Summary of Data - 2005 (PDF)

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