Monday, March 05, 2007

Largest university strike in U.S. history looms-Includes LIBRARIANS

The COE reports on the California State University System strike vote: Unionized instructors across the 23-campus began taking a strike vote today, casting ballots on whether to stage “rolling walkouts” that would send professors to picket lines for two days at a time, from one campus to the next.

The California Faculty Association, the union holding the vote, represents about 24,000 professors and instructors in the system.

This week, from today through Thursday, union members on 16 of the system’s campuses will vote on whether to authorize the union’s Board of Directors to call the strike. Professors on the remaining seven campuses will cast their ballots from March 12 to 15. John Travis, the union’s president and a professor of political science at Humboldt State University [photo upper right], said he thought the strike authorization would win approval. “We hope and expect it to be positive,” he said.

The union will announce the results of the vote on March 21.

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