Thursday, March 08, 2007

Librarian Sue Powidzk Shows Solidarity at Upper Moreland School (PA)

Dozens of Upper Moreland School District secretaries, educational assistants and aides wore signs demanding a fair contract around their necks as they walked the picket line Monday, the first day of their strike.

As they walked back and forth across the entrances to the district's two school complexes, union representatives said they want the community to know why they decided to walk off the job.

“We're tired of being treated like nobodies,” said Rosemarie Dyer, president of the Upper Moreland Educational Support Personnel Association.

People at the picket lines outside Upper Moreland Middle School on Monday wore placards that said “Value Our Support Staff” and “Keep Quality Employees.” The mostly women strikers said they hope parents will help pressure school board members to settle the strike soon...

Librarian Sue Powidzki, who works at the intermediate school, said she fully supports the strike.
“We want to show how much we appreciate what they do,” she said. Adding, “I don't think the school board does.”

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