Thursday, May 24, 2007

Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Employees Vote for Union

Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library employees voted Wednesday for union representation.

In a vote of 146-69, at least 75 percent of eligible employees participated in the election, as required by the library's board of directors, said Michelle Martin, an organizer. Employees began working for union representation about two years ago amid rising frustration over the management of the library and the expansion of the Central Library.
Union leaders said their goal is to gain input in library decisions rather than simply to negotiate for better pay. Some Library Board members have warned that a union will mean higher employee costs and cuts in service.
About 350 library employees are eligible to organize with American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 62.

See IndyUnion for more details.

Progressive Librarians Guild supported sister and fellow librarians in Indianapolis, Indiana in gaining union representation.

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robert said...

I'm sure Council 62 was able to rebut the trustee arguments re higher costs and cutbacks. But this experienced Library unionist (AFSCME 3092) would point to a historical record of reduced staff turnover with unionization, esp in "para" areas like circ where work is more physical. Increased turnover means increased training & orientation costs, and lowers staff morale. It also angers HR depts and sours City Hall on the library.