Friday, July 13, 2007

Ludlow Massacre

That very night your soldiers waited,
Until all us miners were asleep,
You snuck around our little tent town,
Soaked our tents with your kerosene.

You struck a match and in the blaze that started,
You pulled the triggers of your gatling guns,
I made a run for the children but the fire wall stopped me.
Thirteen children died from your guns. --Ludlow Massacre, Woody Guthrie

Mary Benich-McCleary, the last known survivor of the Ludlow Massacre, has died of a stroke.McCleary, 94, of Morgan City, La., died June 28.
She was 18 months old when the Colorado militia attacked striking miners and their families on April 20, 1914, at the Ludlow mining camp north of Trinidad during a labor strike.

See Denver Public Library collection.

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