Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pay Equity Issues in Vancouver Big Concern

Picketing will continue at the Central branch from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm Saturday, July 28 and on Sunday, July 29 from 12-4 pm.

Alex Youngberg is President, CUPE 391.

The library workers are mainly concerned about pay-equity issues, Ms. Youngberg said. Since librarians are a female-dominated work force, she said, they earn far less than people with master's degrees in other sectors.

"We've been trying to get it for 30 years and I think now is the time," Ms. Youngberg said. "We have extra money to spend right now in the City of Vancouver and in the local regions. Why not see the opportunity to give us pay equity?"

A pay-equity settlement could be costly for the city.

Toronto's librarians, who have achieved pay-equity settlements, earn $7 an hour more than their Vancouver counterparts. There is no word on when the union might meet again with its employer, the Vancouver Public Library Board.

For updates by the encouraging and wonderful Aliza Nevarie see the Bargaining Blog.

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Diana Boston said...

While I miss the Library and am deeply sad, I want what's best for the workers of the Library. The Library is a vital resource for the entire city and I know, as a feminist, that women workers typically get less wages and have to fight for them. The librarian is the perfect example of what's considered 'women's work' in our patriarchal society.

With that in mind, I am standing behind my friends at the VPL. I am a patron who believes that librarians are indispensable and are the keys to knowledge for the people.

You have my full support.

Go the distance! Don't back down!