Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Film Noir, American Workers, and Postwar Hollywood

Film Noir, American Workers, and Postwar Hollywood by Dennis Broe.

ISBN 13: 978-0-8130-3322-8 ISBN 10: 0-8130-3322-5
Pubdate: 1/25/2009.Series: Working in the Americas

University Press of Florida.

By following the evolution of film noir during the years following World War II, Broe illustrates how the noir figure represents labor as a whole. In the 1940s, both radicalized union members and protagonists of noir films were hunted and pursued by the law. Later, as labor unions achieve broad acceptance and respectability, the central noir figure shifts from fugitive criminal to law-abiding cop.

Expanding his investigation into the Cold War and post��/11 America, Broe extends his analysis of the ways film noir is intimately connected to labor history. A brilliant, interdisciplinary examination, this is a work that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers.

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