Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NY Library Association Affiliates with New York State United Teachers

"We feel partnering with NYSUT will increase our ability to advocate for the interests of our members, protect against potential cuts, and further our legislative agenda," said Josh Cohen, NYLA President.

The state Library Association has entered an agreement with the much larger and hugely more influential New York State United Teachers union in which NYSUT will lobby on its behalf.

“NYSUT will work closely with NYLA to advance legislation supporting the mission of libraries both public and private, and will work collaboratively with NYLA to organize librarians to obtain greater funding and win better pay and benefits,” according to a release from the teachers union.
This isn’t the first time a smaller group has hired NYSUT to lobby on its behalf. The state Psychological Association signed up for NYSUT’s lobbying services in 1999 and they realized a lot of gains from affiliating with the teachers union, which is one of the state’s major political donors and which has a lot of influence in the Legislature, as noted here.

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