Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boycott Hyatt-ALA Midwinter 2010-Action & Discussion

Boston Hyatt & SRRT's Right to Assemble — Miguel Figueroa, Interim Director of OLOS, spoke to Action Council about the current SRRT list discussion regarding the employee dispute at the Boston Hyatt and SRRT's right to assemble...
Discussion ensued regarding the fact that ALA says what SRRT is not allowed to do, but the lawyers do not explain what SRRT should do to accomplish our goals. Action Council members asked for a list of things that can be done. Al Kagan produced the 2001 SRRT Resolution on ALA and the Marriott Boycott which called for SRRT to participate in the Marriott Boycott. ALA Council did not pass that resolution, but SRRT and ALA Council members picketed and there was no talk of restraint of trade. In this case of the Boston Hyatt, however, SRRT was prevented from taking any boycott action at the Action Council meetings by the ALA Executive Board.

Again, the One Voice policy was disputed as nonexistent. A request was made to produce the policy or stop referring to it.

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