Thursday, November 04, 2010

Library workers at Brown authorize strike over Health care Increases. 11.5.2010.

Library workers at Brown are still fighting for a fair contract from the university. After over six weeks of negotiations, the university is STILL refusing to back down from its unfair proposal to drastically increase workers' health care contributions. This proposal would make health care unaffordable for many members of the Brown community.

Workers, students, faculty, staff, alums, parents, and community members are coming together to say NO to this attack on workers' rights! We are RALLYING outside of University Hall on Friday (11/5/2010) at 2pm because we are committed to fair treatment and we will not back down.

Ultimately, this debate comes down to questions of community, and valuing the crucial role library workers play in the daily functioning of the school. To support those of our community members currently facing attacks on their access to affordable health care, we will once again be rallying, this time outside of University Hall on the Brown U. Main Green on Friday, (TOMORROW) November 5 at 2pm. This will be an escalation from our last rally–the university has made it clear that it won’t back down, and neither will students, faculty, and all members of the Brown and Providence community committed to economic justice and fair treatment.

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Karen McAninch said...

The contract was resolved yesterday by membership vote. The wages will rise 2% a year for 4 years, with an additional 1.5% on July 1, 2013 and 1% on the last day of the contract (Sept. 30, 2014). Meanwhile, health care premiums co-shares will rise from 6 to 7% on July 1, 2011, to 9% on July 1, 2013 and to 12% on the last day. A committee will be convened to work on job training and job preservation. The Brown Student Labor Alliance was incredibly supportive and much appreciated.