Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Support for Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Employees by Library of Congress Professional Guild

Saul Schniderman,President, Library of Congress Professional Guild, AFSCME Local 2910 has sent a "letter to the editor" of the Indianapolis Star newspaper offering support of the employees of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library in their efforts to participate in both the direction and future of their library system as well as in the enhancement of their careers.

Schniderman notes,
"the Library Professional Guild, AFSCME Local 2910 -- works with our managers to improve the work environment and create a modern and progressive Library of Congress. Because of our efforts we have created a positive labor-management relationship that has led to greater employee satisfaction and a higher quality of public service and performance.
Your library board could take a major step forward by recognizing your employees' desire to have union representation and allowing them a seat at the bargaining table."

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