Sunday, July 22, 2007

900 Vancouver Library Workers Ready to Strike

With 89 per cent of our members voting against the Employer's so-called final offer in yesterday's vote, CUPE 15's entire bargaining committee is disgusted with Mayor Sam Sullivan and City Manager Judy Rogers' decision to not send city negotiators back to the bargaining table.

CUPE 15 has done everything it could to avoid a strike. Our members would rather provide excellent public services to the citizens of Vancouver than be on a picket line. Unfortunately, those running city hall have another agenda – an agenda of confrontation and disruption.

Six thousand Vancouver municipal workers are expected to be off the job by the end of Monday, bringing everything from daycare, garbage collection, rock concerts, libraries and other services to an indefinite halt...Strike action started Friday when the city's 2,000 outside workers, represented by CUPE local 1004, walked off the job three days ahead of schedule.

As the outside workers, which includes garbage collectors for instance, established picket lines at around noon, the city's inside workers and librarians served their own 72-hour strike notice to the city.

If a deal is not reached by the end of the weekend, 2,500 inside workers will be in a legal strike position as of 8 a.m. Monday and the city's 900 librarian staff will be in a legal strike position by 4 p.m. Monday.

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