Monday, July 23, 2007

Strike! Vancouver. 72-hour Strike Notice Issued by Vancouver Public Library Workers

From:Alex Youngberg
President, CUPE 391

This will be my last entry from the President’s blog for the duration of strike activities. When we have bargained a fair and equitable contract that addresses:

* Part-time and auxiliary issues
* Job Security (see Technological Change: RFID and posting of positions)
* Pay Equity (wage adjustments)
* Benefits

then the President’s Blog will return.
In the meantime, I will blog from the Bargaining blog as will my colleagues from the Bargaining Committee. Please go to for frequent updates. We will keep you informed of events as they occur. The blog will also be a constant source for communicating the business of the local.

We heard you when you said these issues are worth fighting for. We thank all our members for your support and your contributions in preparing for a well-organised job action. See you at the Bargaining Blog ( and keep informed on local and regional bargaining at

We hope the GVRD and Employer acknowledge that the invitation to bargain is always open.

in Solidarity
Alex Youngberg
President, CUPE 391
"Not a single library workers' issue has been addressed in the days of
talks that took place,"
says Ed Dickson, CUPE 391 bargaining committee chair.In addition to their pay equity concerns, the library workers would like to see fair treatment of part-time and auxiliary staff, benefit improvements and some protection against contracting out.
CUPE 391

A forest of picket signs is expected to blanket Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver today, as thousands more municipal workers prepare to hit the streets to back up their contract demands.

Even Vancouver's normally mild-mannered library workers are contemplating job action, which could escalate later this week into the first strike in their history.
72-hour strike notice issued by Vancouver Public Library workers

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